Many of the safety precautions are nothing new to our salon. We have ALWAYS taken measures in the salon to ensure a safe environment for our guests and service providers.


We have sanitized and disinfected the entire space of the salon, from floor to ceiling. The appearance of the salon will change, in an effort to make our environment safe. Chairs, magazines, books, beverage service, and hangers for coats have been removed.


In training at cosmetology school, our first training was in salon sanitation and disinfecting. I have trained and practiced for this my whole career! All work areas are sanitized between guests and we will sanitize common areas on the hour.


Here are the new rules and standards for YOU mandated by the state of Michigan:


• Masks are mandatory. If you don’t have one, one will be provided for you. Please refrain from touching your mask during your appointment. Doing so will require additional time for sanitation.


• Please read this disclaimer prior to your appointment. You will be required to comply with it and sign our check in sheet stating that you have read and agree to the disclaimer.

• If you have been out of state in the past 14 days please let me know prior to your appointment. If you have been to any hot spots (currently California, Florida, Texas and Arizona) you must quarantine for 14 days before visiting the salon.


• One person per appointment in the salon. Do not bring friends, children or companions unless they have an appointment.


• There will be no waiting in the salon. Please use the Vagaro app COVID Clean check In feature when you arrive and wait in your car until I notify you that I am ready for you. If you don't have the app please text me at 586.549.6224 to check in.


• Temperatures will be taken. If you have a fever over 100.4, you’ll be asked to leave.


• Wash hands and sanitize immediately upon entering (yes, even if you washed them at home before coming) with a nail brush. I will be providing a thorough hand washing lesson at your first appointment.


• No late appointments will be taken. I typically do not turn you away if you are late but because time is maxed out with cleaning and accommodating as many people as I can, I cannot run late. Please call immediately if you know you will be late. If I run a few minutes late due to sanitizing, please be patient with us this is a learning curve.


• No cell phones, food or drinks during your services.


• Only single use files and buffers will be used. You may take them home with you or they will be discarded.


• A 15 minute cleaning time has been added to every service which also allows for passing time between you and the next client. This 15 minute add on may affect standing and previously scheduled appointments. Please check your schedulicity account for some minor adjustments to your appointments. Opting into text messages will give you a reminder the day before to confirm time.


• Contactless payment options are available, just ask!


• I am implementing a 10% price increase. This is to cover the considerable costs in maintaining a sanitary and safe environment. My income will be dramatically reduced due to supplies needed and new scheduling times and this makes the cost of additional safety practices more burdensome.


• If you currently have product left on, had them done elsewhere or did them yourself please let me know prior to your appointment. You may be asked to remove the product due to time constraints. Please note that I cannot guarantee the work done on top of work done elsewhere.


Your safety and trust is paramount to me. As I strive to take every action to keep us all safe, you MUST know, I cannot guarantee that I am 100% safe. That being said, if you have any hesitation about coming into the salon, I understand. Please let me know. If you have an appointment and present with a cough or fever, I have the right to refuse service. Please stay home if you believe you may have been exposed .


With the passage of so much time, perhaps you are thinking of making changes in nails? Please, call or text me to let me know. The timing of your scheduled appointment may not be sufficient for the changes you have in mind. Please know that I am working hard to get everyone in ASAP and I appreciate your patience.


Our salon has long been a sanctuary for relaxing, positive energy. It is our mission to continue to provide that for you in this stressful time and I cannot wait to catch up. Looking forward to seeing you soon!