What makes me different from all those OTHER nail places?

I take pride in promoting the fact that I am different from other salons. I do my absolute best to make sure that my guests receive the highest quality services and products while maintaining a sanitary environment. Below are just a few ways I differentiate myself from other salons!​



Originally from California, I have been in the beauty industry since 1990.  I am completely focused on giving the highest quality nail care by continuing my education. I have dozens of articles published in industry trade magazines and have created the nails for 2 Nailpro magazine covers. I have competed and placed in several nail competitions and also been a competition judge. I have trained and been personally mentored by top Nail Technicians in the U.S. and the world. 


I am pleased to offer quality service, excellent customer service, and a sanitary environment in a professional, relaxing atmosphere. Whether you are looking for natural looking acrylic or gel enhancements, the amazing results of a custom manicure or relaxing deluxe pedicure, I guarantee high end results with extra care taken in your satisfaction.


Pedicure Safety

The spa chair has a magnetic pipeless jet system. The main difference between pipeless spa chairs and piped is with the jets. A traditional piped chair has a pump and a network of pipes to create the jets (like a hot tub). Pipeless chairs have a bowl with a propeller that moves the water within the bowl. The propeller system is quieter, can be easily removed, cleaned and 100% sanitized between each guest.


Studies show that when piped jets are used the pipes cannot be cleaned properly. Bacteria, skin, and hair particles gather up in the pipes and can cause dangerous infections. 


I take an extra step and provide plastic liners that are placed in the tub before each service. The liners are then discarded after each guest. I also clean and disinfect the chair and bowl with a hospital grade disinfectant before the next guest is seated. Rest assured that each guest has a brand new liner placed for them AND I still disinfect and clean the bowl before each service. I also utilize new foot file pads with each guest. Although this isn't required, the health and safety of each and every one of my guests is my TOP PRIORITY!

DD healthy nails.PNG

What is Dazzle Dry?

Only high quality professional grade products are used at Nails by Jill and one of my favorites is Dazzle Dry which is 100% Made in the USA, vegan, non toxic and hypoallergenic. 

Dazzle Dry is the only natural nail care system to offer hard-set nails in just five minutes without use of UV lamps. It's specially formulated to expand and contract with the natural nail and delivers chip-free, high performance wear for up to two weeks with protection, allowing nails to become healthier and stronger over time. It offers the long-lasting results of a gel or dip system but removes with the ease of polish remover. 

Dazzle Dry is free from harmful chemicals and skin-sensitizing ingredients such as toluene, formaldehyde, TPHP, nitrocellulose, camphor, formaldehyde resin, ethyl tosylamide, phthalates, xylene, and MEK.

Dazzle Dry products are never tested on animals. They are free of animal byproducts and formulated with vegan alternatives for carmine, guanine, urea, stearic acid, lanolin, glycerin, collagen and beeswax.

Unlike other high-performance polishes, Dazzle Dry does not contain nitrocellulose, which can cause nail plates to yellow and nail polish to degrade. Because of this, our products never expire and your nails never yellow.

Files & Buffers

It is important for my guests to know that some salons reuse certain tools that cannot be sterilized. For example, buffers, files, and pumice stones cannot be sterilized and should therefore only be used ONCE then disposed of. At Nails by Jill any item that cannot be sterilized is only used ONCE then disposed of. Once again my guest's health and safety is my TOP PRIORITY!